Factoring is not the same as a bank loan—you do not incur any additional debt.

Regal Resources

will examine the creditworthiness of your Clients and their payment history. Upon approval, you will be paid within 24 hours for 80-95% of the invoice amount. Once your Client pays Regal Resources, you receive the balance minus a small factoring fee.

Factoring is mainly dependent on the creditworthiness of your Client, NOT YOU. We provide an analysis on the Client and submit a credit limit. Your personal or company credit has little to do with the process. You can leverage your Clients’ creditworthiness into your funding.

Most any type of business can qualify for factoring, and we currently provide funding to a large cross section of the business community. The odds are good we can qualify you for funding quickly.

We understand you have a personal relationship with each Client and we won’t jeopardize that trust. We work WITH YOU to handle any situations which may occur, and we advise you how to contact your Client if needed. If it becomes necessary for Regal Resources to contact your Client directly, our world class customer service will utilize its diplomacy in dealing with them.

No. The choice is yours on which Clients you factor based on your own criteria. We can also examine your business and provide an analysis on which Clients make sense for you to factor. You have revenue streams you have not been able to previously tap into—let us help you provide that additional cash for your business.

No. Factoring companies do not loan you money. They pay you for the work you have already completed for your Clients.

Regal Resources

allows you to get paid what you are owed right away instead of waiting for your Clients to pay. While we can provide collection assistance if needed, we also provide detailed credit analysis to prevent the need for later collections actions.

There are a few "tell-tale signs" which point to a need for funding:

  • You have a long list of slow paying Clients. Waiting 30/60/90 days to get paid puts a great deal of financial pressure on your company.
  • You are taking on debt to cover operating expenses. Waiting to get paid by your Clients has forced you to seek other avenues to bring money in, all at a high cost to you.
  • You have a number of Clients who require payment flexibility.  Do you have Clients who cycle up and down in their payment schedules based on the time of year or the profitability of their business?  Factoring can smooth out and make the payment schedule more regular.
  • Slow paying Clients have stopped your growth.  Have other possible ways to grow and expand your business, but don't have the money for it because it is tied up in receivables?  We can provide the instant cash to facilitate that growth today.
Regal Factoring Process