Are your tired of waiting 30/60/90 days to get paid? Is waiting on YOUR money hurting your business or your ability to grow? Stop waiting–GET PAID TODAY!!

There are several benefits to factoring:

cash today

No more waiting around to get paid or hearing “the check is in the mail”. GET PAID TODAY!

unlimited growth potential

Get the necessary cash TODAY. Leverage your Clients good credit to provide cash for growth TODAY. We will finance all your new growth.​

free support

Regal Resources

provides free support for collections. You focus on your business and let us use our expertise to collect the money.​

factoring is not a loan

Factoring simply provides you with YOUR money quicker. It is not additional debt, and is customizable to YOUR situation.

free credit analysis

Regal Resources

works with you to identify good Clients to pursue profitable relationships and is all about getting YOU paid. ​

build your company's credit

The immediate cash allows you to meet your obligations in a timely fashion and helps builds YOUR company’s credit. NO MORE WAITING FOR MONEY.​

Unlike traditional bank loans, you don’t need to meet a long list of criteria to secure the financing you need. You can leverage the credit of your Clients to get the cash you need TODAY.